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Blurred Lines: Military-Civil Fusion and the "Going Out" of China's defense industry

Authors: Greg Levesque, Mark Stokes                                                     December 2016

Our latest report goes beyond traditional policy analysis to illuminate the blurring effect of Beijing's rapidly developing military-civil fusion (MCF) strategy on Chinese military, Party-state, and commercial activities. The reports findings add a new dimension for private companies and policymakers to contextualize and evaluate the spillover effects of Beijing's military modernization efforts in economic and commercial spheres.

A key element of President Xi's military modernization campaign and a national strategy, MCF aims to fuse the country's defense and civilian science and technology systems to develop a modern defense industrial complex. In particular, MCF policies seek to improve national defense mobilization, militia assets, reserves, and border and coastal defense operations. 

You can download the full report here. For those looking for a condensed version with engaging visuals, check out our report flip book.